Friday, August 22, 2014

There's a New Place Where all the Cool Kids are Hangin' Out...

Or they will be hangin' out there, once I make the announcement and all you guys go check it out!

Didja catch that subtle ego-coaxing I did there?  Didja notice how I just called all you guys the "cool kids"?  Well, it's true!

The Lone March Series now has its own domain!

I will be posting news about Book 7 and various other Lone March stuff on the official site from here on out.

That does NOT mean I am abandoning this blog by any means.  I will still post on here--probably most, if not all, of the stuff that gets posted on the site will also be found here.  But this was a way to separate myself from Lone March a bit.  Why? you may ask.  Because Erin Irvin encompasses a lot more than just Lone March.  I'm also a musician and artist, and I write other books besides Lone March.  I wanted the series to have its own space because I think it deserves it and there's plenty of info to fill a site dedicated to Lone March.  But now "" can be about all kinds of stuff, whereas "" will be a streamlined way for you guys to search for and find the latest updates on Lone March.  I am excited to enter this new age as I approach the promotional phase of Book 7.  In honor of the new site debut, I will be posting some very teeny, weeny tidbits about Book 7 or maybe even from Book 7, as in snippets and sneak peeks.  So, without further ado, skip on over to the new site and read the latest post: