The Lone March Series

Released: March 2011

It was like going against the wind in a blizzard - it was so hard to concentrate on him. But fear and death were staring me right in the face and I knew if I looked away I'd be lost.

Fifteen-year-old March Howe is going through some major bodily changes - the last thing she needs when most people at school already think she's a freak. Little does she know that those changes are leading her into a supernatural world of strange mysteries and terrible danger. March is a were-wolf - but not just a were-wolf. She's the last know female of the species, and that makes her a rare commodity.

Just when the guy of her dreams asks her out, a pack of were-wolves invade her house to take her back to their den, where she must be heralded through her first change or risk certain death. Along the way, she meets the dark and handsome Greyson, her only peer in the pack, and is caught up in the dark intrigue surrounding her new "family" and the strange truth behind her existence. Will she fit in this new, magical world better than she does at school? Will she even survive her first change? Or will the power that's growing inside her destroy her and the entire were-wolf bloodline?

In Book One of the Lone March Series, March Howe must choose between mundane and magical, the familiar and the unknown, freedom and responsibility. Will she decide her fate before the last of the were-wolves decide it for her?

"A new take on the world of Lycanthropy, Irvin gives our heroin no choice but to grow up in a matter of weeks. Just the right amount of mystery, action, and humor, with a touch of romance."  - Amazon

"...Good action, mystery, and paranormal happenings. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series."  - Bibliophilic Book Blog

Released: November 2011

I looked up into the looming, baleful faces of eight were-ravens. They stood around me, hunched over, with watchful, probing eyes. I tried to scream but I was too weak to make noise.

Her name is March Greeley Howe. And she's a were-wolf. After escaping her captor's den and being rescued by an unlikely ally, March finds out what's been happening in Glenbrook since she's been gone. Life will never be the same since Elliot's take-over, and the last she-wolf in the world has some tough decisions to make.

In the midst of being forced to master her lupine form, she is thrown back into her old life, with all the fear and uncertainty that went with it. Besides being torn between Ethyn and Greyson, March fails to make sense of her hesitation in trusting Avery. With both home and school upside-down, she tries to find solace in her friends, but soon learns she stands apart, and the divide only grows with each day of her double life.

In Book Two of the Lone March Series, March Howe meets some new faces and sees old ones in new ways. She grows up fast when she has to make decisions no one else can, and embarks on a mission that will redefine her place in the pack. Will she balance her were and human lives before the last of the were-wolves throw everything into chaos?

"Even better than the 1st! The characters draw you in and are completely relatable. The plot and the pace webbed me into the story, with unpredictable twists and turns. I cannot wait for the 3rd book. 5 Stars!"  - Were Vamps Romance Reviews

"Most series writers fail in bettering the first but this author has completed the impossible!"  - Amazon

Released: May 2012

In one fast motion, he shoved me against the wall and cupped a hand over my mouth. I had been so stupid. The very thing I had feared from the start was happening - he was overpowering me and there was nothing I could do about it!

When her pack gets taken, March Howe is forced to enlist the help of the one person she trusts least in the world - Elliot Sharp. As if running around the state alone with him isn't bad enough, she fears they won't make it back home in time for the Full Moon Cycle. Risking her humanity to be out in the wild is worth it to save her pack. But some things, once done, can't be undone, and March is afraid she may have lost pieces of herself she can't get back.

With her rage threatening to ruin her life, her new talent for athletics and the frigids trying to suck her into their group, March's friends are noticing she's changing in big ways. She tries harder than ever to force her life into normalcy but Avery is the only one who can make her see that it's okay to be different, and a bond begins to form between them that neither can fully understand. Meanwhile, the new guy, Jasper, keeps her guessing and bouncing between anger and intrigue.

In Book Three of the Lone March Series, March Howe finds history repeating itself as she tries to choose between Ethyn and Greyson. Heated passion and violent fury are waging a war inside her while the wolves are waging a war across the state. Will she learn to balance her internal storm before the last of the were-wolves destroy each other?

"The character detail allows you to attach yourself to the plight of all those involved...I lived for the next page and the next chapter. Fall head first into the series and the roller coaster ride of emotions that will accompany you along this journey of heartache and discovery!"  - Amazon

"There are lots of twists and turns to keep you wondering what will happen next!...I am anxiously waiting on the next book!"  - Goodreads

Released: November 2012

I flew across the table with inhuman speed and wrapped my hands around his thick neck. "I'm the last she-wolf on this planet. If you're going to see me as the great hope, then you better respect me!"

For March Howe, the only surviving she-wolf, getting kidnapped comes with the territory. Like shifting in and out of her lupine form, she starts to take it in stride. But there are still plenty of things she doesn't expect: Greyson at Glenbrook High, the author of that anonymous note, and her unique path to were-spirituality. And then of course, there are those feelings for Avery...

Nothing is like it should be - the frigids love her while her friends hate her and just when she's getting to know Gaia, her rage is controlling her more than ever. Meanwhile, Avery and the pack are starting to over-protect her to the point of suffocation. But rebelling against them doesn't make things easier. In fact, it sets of a chain reaction of events that lead to shocking revelations and a turning point in her journey of self-discovery. Why can't she resist Jasper's flirtations? And what could Avery's mysterious past possibly have to do with her own history?

In Book Four of the Lone March Series, March Howe has to figure out who she can trust and who's pretending. In her evolving love triangle, she must decide who's best for her. And when strange things reveal themselves, it's time for her to finally come to terms with the fact that she's different. Will these secrets earn her the trust and respect she deserves from her pack or will the last of the were-wolves go beyond protection...and lock her up once and for all?

"Once again the storyline is fast-paced and March is in a perpetual state of anger, rage, and arousal. Irvin has put her own spin on the shape-shifter genre and overall the Lone March Series is an interesting look at the shape-shifting phenomenon and a fascinating read."  - The Reading Cafe

"Simply superb! Five stars for Ms. Irvin, once again. I'd definitely recommend not only Moon-Swell but all of the Lone March novels. You cannot possibly find a better YA indie author than can be found in Erin Irvin and her Lone March Series. I look forward not only to the next book but Ms. Irvin's next project. It's sure to be as spectacular as this."  - Amazon

Released: May 2013

I was a bag of bones. I still had skin and hair and probably pumping blood, but for all intents and purposes I was cadaverous.

Being at the center of the were world's biggest conflict has finally landed March Howe in the ultimate mortal peril for a wolf: the middle of a cat lair. Surrounded by silver, she finds herself trapped by more than just the room she's confined to. Endless thoughts and questions envelop her and the promise of death approaches like a boundless and heavy storm cloud.

Unaware that it was the cats, the pack races across the state, in search of the wolves they think have March. Meanwhile, Avery is assembling a diverse group of weres to aid in the invasion and to rescue the girl he swore to protect. And while March's human friends may not know her secret, Ruthie Birch does. Enlisting the help of an ally unwelcome by the others, Ruthie devises a plan to join Avery's army, whether he likes it or not. And Saffron Kellum is forced to leave her comfort zone when her twin brother goes missing and she discovers she's the only one who can find him.

In Book Five of the Lone March Series, March Howe finds herself in an existential crisis that can only be soothed by the goddess she's estranged herself from. While the cats make beastly plans for the last female were-wolf, her family and friends make plans of their own that involve uncovering secrets and even double-crossing each other to save the last she-wolf. Will this contrasting group be able to work together to save March, or will the last of the were-wolves lose everything when their old enemy threatens to destroy the only hope they have?

"Exciting and thrilling...A must read series!"  - Amazon

"This series is amazing. It's so well written and the characters are enthralling. I can't wait to read more from this author."  - Amazon UK

Released: November 2013

I dropped to the ground right there, sitting at the foot of his grave. There was nothing to be said. He was buried six feet beneath me. And I felt like my thoughts were buried there with him.

A dark cloud has settled over March Howe's world. Avery's death was horrific on its own but it's also drudged up memories of her adoptive parents' deaths, none of which she seems to have dealt with. And the emotional pain is as bad, if not worse, than the physical kind she suffered in that silver prison at the cat lair. What's more, this darkness represents more than just her grief. There are some shady things happening in Wycherley House and March has to pull herself together and discover the secrets before it's too late.

Virtually all her relationships are strained, to say the least. She feels as distant as ever from Gaia and her school friends. And that trio of guys? All but obliterated. Nightmares as repetitive as they are confusing have claimed her sleep, and her waking hours are spent in self-inflicted solitude. And what draw her out are the curious mysteries now creeping into her new life with the ravens. Fortunately, March makes some new friends who each have her back and unwittingly help her uncover the truth. Meanwhile, Jasper Kellum is having a major life crisis that seems to have only one outcome. And his sister just won't stand for it.

In Book Six of the Lone March Series, March Howe has to force herself out of the gloom of recent events all on her own and move on if she is to have any hope of saving herself or her family. Forgive and Forget is a hard rule to live by when past enemies come suddenly back into her life. But they just might save her skin in the nick of time. The question is: Will these rescues be enough to propel March into the unknown on a quest to save her kind, or will the last of the were-wolves eliminate this prospect with an all-out were war?

"Moon-Wake is #6 in the series and probably my favorite book to date in the Lone March series. I really enjoyed reading the different POVs throughout the book, it helps pull the story together. I honestly could not put it down."  - Goodreads

"This is the best book so far and the prequels were no easy feat!"  - Amazon

Released: December 2015

I could feel my anger building again. It bubbled and burned inside, covering my whole body. I wanted now to hurt these cats like they were hurting us. They deserved to get all of that pain back.

And I wanted to be the one to inflict it on them.

Out on a goddess-given quest she knows little about, March Howe finds her patience wearing thin. Between her lack of understanding with the mission, the inexplicable dream she keeps having, and Saffron's constant stream of complaints, it's all she can do to keep going forward and not turn back. But she treks on, trying to figure out what the mission is all about and searching for those strange women from her dream.

And if the quest isn't enough, Greyson keeps telling March to seek out Gaia for understanding and strength. But his new found obsession with the stillness is getting on March's nerves. And Jasper can't help but notice the growing divide between March and Greyson. Besides meditation, March is having trouble reconciling her hybrid power with her responsibilities to the were world. But when friends join the group, pieces fall into place and they find themselves in a whole new world.

In Book Seven of the Lone March Series, March Howe steps into the role she was born to play: Savior of the Wolves. War is spreading and more than one group of enemies is after her and her friends. But it's just the practice she needs to prepare for the final battle. Can she take on all these new challenges and save a species that can no longer define her, or will the cats make sure the last of the were-wolves are truly the last?

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