A Different Kind of Drunk

My second volume of poetry is here! The cover looks like this:

If you or anyone you know have dealt with any kind of anxiety/obsessive-compulsive/depression disorders, you may very well enjoy or even benefit from reading this little collection. I hope it helps remind you that you're not alone.

Much like my first volume of poetry, Scrawlings, this will only be released in print. Sorry, folks, but I like to have control over how my poetry looks on a page and when it's put in digital form, to be translated into all the many different digital platforms (kindle, nook, etc.) then you lose that control. If I ever change my mind about this and decide I don't care, then I will certainly release both volumes digitally. Until then, the paperback will be $4.99 on Amazon.

A Different Kind of Drunk is available on Amazon now!

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to tell me what publisher you went through to publish this book? I really love your poetry and decided to analyze a few of your poems for my English project. We have to cite the source and for that I need the publisher companies name. Thank you