Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Hey, Listen!" - Navi

I just really need to tell someone about my dream last night because it's been tickling my brain all day. So, listen up computer-face-screen-to-internet-that-means-no-actual-people-will-read-this. Here's my dream in a big, messy, convoluted nutshell:

I'm me and I'm in this giant old school castle like hogwarts or some other equally old, fancy school, where there's lots of marble. The marble is this color:
And other colors, too, but mostly that one. It is some sort of school holiday or maybe school was closed on account of the weather? I dunno. There weren't many lights on, so the power could have been out. And the more I think about it, the more that seems right because I keep getting this sort of 'not right' feeling about all the lights being out. Does that make sense? Oh well. Anywho. So I'm walkin' around, doin' what I do in dreams, which is...well, walk I guess. And other stuff probably. And then there's this man who corners me in an alcove next to one of the
columns, and he starts talking to me about his son who is trapped in some other dimension for God knows what reason, and he's all lament-y and passionate and sort of antsy for some reason and then he asks me if I would like to help his son. Well, I'm a nice girl.

I don't know if that actually proves anything, but rest assured, I am nice. I like smiling and making other people smile and seeing the positive sides of things. I have life-long dreams of helping people, which extend even into my dream-self. Which is why I said, "Duh, I'll help." So he takes me over to this painting on the wall--and this is where it really gets Harry Potter-y, because the people in the painting are moving--and he starts talking to me about who each of the people are and then he starts talking to the people--like, directly to the painting-people. And just like that they start transcending time and space and all that jazz and they're like, coming out of the painting in holographic form, all kinda blueish, like
But then I'm like, 'Hey, guys, why'd you come outta the painting if you just ultimately wanted us to go into it with you?' because that's what happened next--they came out and then we all just flashed inside the scene of the painting. But, I didn't actually say that to them, I just thought it, because I didn't want to be rude or disrespectful, plus some of those folks looked a little sketchy and I didn't really want to piss them off. But, honestly, why couldn't they have just sucked us in there with them instead of using whatever multi-dimensional-travel magic they had to use to come out of it. And why not just one of them instead of every-dang-body in the pict--okay, I digress, let's get back on track. Where were we?

Oh, yes, we were going into the painting:
And then I find out the dude's family is royalty of some sort. And his wife is blue. Like this:
only, without the tentacle hair. And they all lead me into this room filled with shelves filled with tiny bottles filled with potions and that's where they tell me that the only way I can help the guy is by participating in a bloodletting ceremony.

And at first I'm freaked out, but in an almost indecently inexplicable instant (say that five times fast) I'm just like, "Eh, okay, let's go for it."

So then Christopher Mintz-Plasse
is the other son of the man and the little brother of the guy I'm going to help by giving my blood, and he takes me in his '91 maroon Ford F150 and he goes like 200 mph and I'm trying to explain to him that going fast makes me have anxiety attacks and such and he laughs at me and I'm thinking, 'Dude, you're Chris Mintz-Plasse--you're tellin' me you've never had an anxiety attack? YOU??' But I don't say that out loud because I'm concentrating on breathing. So it takes us like a million years (=40 minutes) to get where we're going, and then we go into this person's house who is not related to anyone and we have the bloodletting ceremony right there in the stranger's living room, which, by the way, is all white. So, needless to say, I'm freaking out the whole time that my blood is going to stain something in the room, even though it's not my room and I shouldn't care, I would still feel responsible because it is after all MY blood. Anyway, there are all these tubes involved and they're coming out of my arms and legs and taking my blood into these stainless steel bowls and carafes and then the people take the blood and throw it around the room (I'm wincing at the destruction of the white room like I do when I watch Tom & Jerry and they inevitably ruin the house in like, every episode--God, I hate that). Then they do an incantation and before you know it, the dude appears there and his family hugs him and they present his long-lost love to him and they're all, "Hooray! Now we can have a wedding! Huzzah and let's have some mead!" And no one says anything else to me and they just leave and I'm left there with my open wounds in the bloody white room of some stranger's house without a ride home, because of course Christopher Mintz-Plasse has left without me. It was so wham, bam, thank you, ma'am, you know?

Maybe I shouldn't have given those people my blood.

But the guy was happy that he was back with his long-lost love and the family was all crying tears of joy, so I guess, mostly, it all worked out. Except I still didn't have a ride home. Not sure how I got home as I woke up after that.

Anyway, pointless, strange, subconscious-mind-whispering-about-who-knows-what dream that ultimately left me unsettled and disappointed. I mean, they could have at least bought me a drink--no, no, they could have at least taken me back home! Even when you do a blood drive they give you a tee shirt! And a cookie so you're not light-headed after all the blood loss. I didn't get a cookie either.

Oh well.

So, now that I've gotten that off my chest, I think I'll get back to work.


PS. There was a lot of blue in this blog. Some kinda symbolism or something...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today is today.

Watched this today on Blu-ray:

Had a bloody, barbaric, bitchin' time. It's funny that it helped my writing at all, since I happen to be in the middle of a super spiritual chapter.

Also, this is good for writer-type people, I think:

Calm Radio has already helped me immensely in the last two days since I started using it.

The porridge I just ate helped, too. Cuz my belly's full and ready to help me focus.

Look, don't pay attention to all my little nothings up there. The point of this blog is for me to say I've come to a decision. I'm going to go the way of Amanda Hocking and others, and set Moon-Linked, my first book, published in March, at 99 cents for the Kindle and the Nook. What have I really got to lose? Book Two, Moon-Ache, is still on track to be released this Fall some time, and I will be setting it at 99 cents as well. Cuz what's the point if you don't take a few chances in life, right? Our modern world is defined by experimentation.

Not until I wrote it above did I realize that I published in March, which happens to be my main character's name. Funny? Auspicious? Strange? Not worth mentioning? Dunno...

What a boring blog this is. My Eucalyptus Spearmint Stress Relief candle must be calming all the energy right out of me.

Ah, but my black coffee always fights the good fight, never turns down a battle of fatigue, never misses the chance to invade my sleepy system with its caffeine soldiers!

...Caffeine soldiers?

Perhaps I should go do something else now...