Saturday, October 15, 2011

Snip, Snip; Paint, Paint.

Had my hairs dyed a whole different color.  Never ventured outside of the blonde realm.  Bleached it three times and highlighted it once, but always been a blonde since the day I was born.  Finally found my balls and did what I've wanted to for a long time now.  Result: Perfection and Happiness.  You can't really tell till you get right up on it, but it is red, like red-red.  I just love it.

So, as I said, I've always been blonde, and I left my fiance that morning and was going to return in the afternoon with red hair.  Well, you can imagine what I did.  Naturally, with my current border-line obsession with Twin Peaks, I just had to walk through the door and say, "Hi, Trav, it's me...Maddy."  I've been walking around with the creepy Maddy smile, occasionally slipping on my big nerdy glasses, that really do look just like Maddy's, and sneaking up behind him to say hello.  It is proper fun.  He keeps telling me to stop.  I think he's just double-creeped out because he says I look scarily like my sister now (who has dark hair and had bangs for a long time).  Either way, I'm having all kinds of fun with this.

Happy Saturday.


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