Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Moon-Burn is Here! + Little Announcement

Moon-Burn is now available and it looks like quite a few of you have beat me to the punch!  I figured my official announcement would kick off sales, but I guess you guys didn't want to wait around for me to babble nonsense at you, which I understand completely.

Anyway, for those of you who have, for whatever reason, been waiting for me to babble nonsense, the price is the same as always, $0.99.  You can buy it on:

Amazon for your Kindle

Barnes & Noble for your Nook

And all three books are now available on Smashwords as well.

Here's the link to the specific Moon-Burn Smashwords page.

Hope you enjoy Book 3!

**Also, just a quick announcement, there is NOT a Sneak-Peek of the 4th book at the end of Book #3.  I will not be doing those anymore for the sake of upholding the integrity of each individual installment.  It was necessary in the beginning, but things are changing in the Lone March world and Sneak-Peeks just won't work anymore.  But rest assured the series is not coming to an end any time soon.  As some of you may know, I am hard at work on Book #6 now and I expect the series to be at least 7 books, if not 8, plus a certain companion piece that I won't be talking about for a while.  I honestly can't say for sure exactly how many books Lone March will have because I never really know how long it's going to take me to write a given portion of the story until I'm actually in the throes of writing said portion.

I want you to know that I am in NO WAY stretching this series out just to have more books, like I know some authors do.  You will find none of my books are "filler" books, in which not much happens because the author is merely trying to get as many individual books out of their story as possible to make more money.  As I've said before, you guys know I'm not in this for the money, as evidenced by the extremely low price point.  Sometimes low prices coax people into buying things, but I don't think it necessarily works that way with books.  Having self-published books at such a low price runs the risk of people writing them off, thinking they must be crap if they're both self-published and so cheap.  I'm glad you guys haven't overlooked my little indie series, but I promise you there are plenty out there who are.  The bottom line is I don't care about making money--I just want to share my work and connect with people.  Since my very first creative writing course at University, I have been told over and over again how hard it is to make an honest career out of being a writer.  I have taken that advice to heart.  There are, of course, exceptions, which you all know: Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, George R. Martin, and so on.  But these people are rarities in the writing world.  There are plenty of well-known authors who make a killing on one series but then drop off the face of the earth because their next books weren't exactly the same as the last series (go figure) and readers didn't care--and sometimes subsequent works don't even get picked up by the publisher at all.  That's right: just because you were successful with one book/series and made money for a publishing house it doesn't mean your next books are automatically accepted and published.  It's a sad fact, but true nonetheless--writers are in the never-ending business of having to prove themselves.  Doing this for a living basically means you're going to spend your life in a constant cycle of hazing worthy of college fraternities/sororities and every time you get invited into the house, you're kicked right back out to do it all over again.

Look at this, here I am doing exactly what I jokingly said I would--babbling nonsense.

The point of all that was just to tell you three things:

1. There won't be any more Sneak-Peeks, but that doesn't mean the series is ending.

2. That I personally consider myself to be a career writer--it's just that my career doesn't pay my bills, my day job does that.

3. That I have always and will always stay true to my characters and this series and tell the story as it needs to be told with no "filler" books.  If it ends up being 12 books (it won't) it's because that's exactly how long it took to tell the story I wanted to tell.  But as of right now, I'm looking at 7, possibly 8, with a novella to follow.

That's all.  I'll shut up now so that (hopefully) you guys can go off and read Moon-Burn!


PS. That announcement was neither 'little' nor 'quick', was it?

Oh well.  What're you gonna do, y'know?


  1. Hi Erin - Your series is the most interesting story I've read so far. No filler indeed. I really like March--she is unconventional! I also like how the story is being woven together --also in an unconventional way. I love Avery as well. I look forward to reading all the other books! It's a great joy.

  2. thanks so much! i'm really glad you're liking it--and i can promise you that if you liked Moon-Burn you'll like Moon-Swell even more. so excited for book 4 to come out!

  3. I rate this series to be number 2 on my list of favorite Paranormal romance novels dealing with shifters. The story line is exciting and filled with suspense without all the potent sex that other "Were" series' seem to provoke. This is the 3rd installment and as its predecessors - keeps you on a wonderful roller coaster ride of your life. The main character - March is funny and somewhat naive and it is wonderful to watch her grow in her awareness due to the trials sent her way by life. I also love the character Avery and how he has sort of adopted March as his own while protecting her from the trials faced in life. My only complaint is that I wished the book would never end and how I have to now wait for the next release. Please do not make it be too long of a wait and as always - THANK YOU ERIN IRVIN FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL ESCAPE FROM REALITY! God Bless!

  4. thank you for your kind words, lailanasheeba. i'm so glad you're enjoying the story so far! and don't worry--you won't have to wait too awful long. expect book 4 late fall/early winter of this year.