Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The Barnes & Noble version of Moon-Wake is finally available!

Get Book 6 for your Nook here!

I will post another update when the paperback is ready:)



  1. erin do you know about when moon call will come out please anything ,thank you.

  2. Hi! I'm sorry to say I really don't know about Book 7. I'm working on it every chance I get but I'm also planning my wedding so my life is pretty crazy right now. I'm going to write a big public address about it soon because I know a lot of other people will be asking the same thing. Sorry I don't have better news for you!! I hope you liked Moon-Wake though!

  3. How can i purchase moon-wake for my kobo? I looked but couldent find it, i am HOOKED on the series, its awesome!!!

  4. Hi, Celia! I'm so sorry I didn't get your comments until now! I haven't checked my email since before the holidays. So the reason you're not finding Moon-Wake on Kobo is because there seems to have been a problem with my file on Smashwords. Smashwords is the site that allows me to sell the book in tons of other online stores, like Kobo, iTunes, etc. I wasn't aware there was an issue till I got on the site just now to investigate your trouble with Kobo. I will work on this posthaste and upload the file again; it will take a day or so to process but then it should be available everywhere. I will give you an update in this comment thread when it's up and on sale:) Again, so sorry I missed your comments for so long! Have a nice Friday/weekend!!