Friday, March 8, 2013

A Small Snippet from Moon-Tide

Just to whet the pallet...

I was an unscratchable itch.
    The icy burn on my cheek woke me.  I was lying on my side, curled up in a ball, so when I lifted my lids, the gleaming silver-blue sheen was right before my eyes.  I pushed myself up with great effort—surprised first at the fact that I wasn’t shackled up in silver, then at just how hard it was for me merely to sit up.  I was wondering what could possibly have been in those needles when I realized what caused the burn and subsequently the sheen.  My cell was made up entirely of silver—the walls, the floor, even the ceiling.  No wonder they took off the cuffs.  What purpose did they serve in such a cubicle?  This explained my unprecedented weariness.
    The only place I could see out was through a tiny window in the door, but there was nothing to look at through there but darkness.  Then I saw them.  A pair of brilliant, glowing eyes in a lustrous, honey color.  Their enigmatic shapes were all that peered out of the shadows, and I was transfixed, almost allured.  If I’d had the energy to move, I would have gotten closer to the window.  As it was, I sat frozen, the icy burn now coming from two sources as I gaped at the eyes.  They blinked once, and then they were gone.  I wasn’t sure if the silver cell was soundproof, but I didn’t hear even the smallest noise as the figure made its exit.
    No other eyes visited me that day or the next.

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