Thursday, March 21, 2013

Moon-Tide Summary!

Here is the official synopsis of Book 5:

I was a bag of bones.  I still had skin and hair and probably pumping blood, but for all intents and purposes, I was cadaverous.

Being at the center of the were world’s biggest conflict has finally landed March Howe in the ultimate mortal peril for a wolf: the middle of a cat lair.  Surrounded by silver, she finds herself trapped by more than just the room she’s confined to.  Endless thoughts and questions envelop her and the promise of death approaches like a boundless and heavy storm cloud.

Unaware that it was the cats, the pack races across the state, in search of the wolves they think have March.  Meanwhile, Avery is assembling a diverse group of weres to aid in the invasion and rescue of the girl he swore to protect.  And while March’s human friends may not know her secret, Ruthie Birch does.  Enlisting the help of an ally unwelcome by the others, Ruthie devises a plan to join Avery’s army, whether he likes it or not.  And Saffron Kellum is forced to leave her comfort zone when her twin brother goes missing and she discovers she’s the only one who can find him.

In Book Five of the Lone March Series, March Howe finds herself in an existential crisis that can only be soothed by the goddess she’s estranged herself from.  While the cats make beastly plans for the last female were-wolf, her family and friends make plans of their own that involve uncovering secrets and even double-crossing each other to save the last she-wolf.  Will this contrasting group be able to work together to save March, or will the last of the were-wolves lose everything when their old enemy threatens to destroy the only hope they have?

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So excited to share the cover with you guys!!


  1. I can't wait to read this when oes it come out. I can't wait to see the cover.

  2. Sabrina--sorry I missed your comment! Moon-Tide will be out early May. So close now!

  3. is the 1st chapter out yet of moontide

  4. Cathy--no, I'm sorry to tell you but after the 3rd book I decided to stop releasing the first chapter. It just gives too much away too soon--not necessarily story-wise so much as format-wise this time around. With Book 4 I didn't want to reveal certain pieces of content, with Book 5 I just want to keep some things secret about how I wrote this book and what makes it different from the others. That way everyone can discover it for themselves at the same time, when the book comes out. But hey, the bright side is we're only a month away!

    1. erin thank you for answering my question and thanks for this awsome series.

    2. No problem! I hope you're enjoying Moon-Tide!