Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sucré's First Music Video (woo hoo) + Merriment EP (woo hoo)!

Amazing, right?!  I know.  Golly-moses I can't wait for this otherworldly album!  Don't forget--it's out April 10th, kiddos, so put some monies in your piggies and don't take 'em out till then!  Unless you want to pre-order it--evidently you will be able to, starting next week--in which case, I grant you permission to take the monies from your piggies early.

Also, Christie and Collin DuPree (younger but equally talented siblings/counsins of Eisley) have released their first official-official EP--official twice because there have been a few unofficial ones under just Christie's name, but this new EP has not only been studio-produced, but is under their new band name "Merriment".  It looks like this:

You can get it on iTunes for less than 5 bucks, so do yourself a favor and drop that bread on this delicious little EP.  If you like DuPree voices in Eisley and Sucré, then try another--she's seriously lovely.


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