Sunday, November 18, 2012

I am currently stuck at Frustration Station!

Grrrahhhggg! No, that's not a word, you're right. That's a combination growl and groan. My computer is still stuck at the computer hospital (going on a week now, which is just insanely insane for me). And so without Internet, I have had to resort to sneaking onto other people's computers when I have the chance--people I know and who have given me permission of course--and rushing to check my email really fast to answer important messages and otherwise pretty much just totally neglecting my usual online haunts. Right now I am using an iPad to write this post and let me tell you why it sucks: It won't cooperate! I tried to just update the Lone March Series tab so I wouldn't have to type out a whole big post for one tiny update but it wouldn't let me!! Instead of inferring my own interpretation of the needed onomonpia I will allow you to insert your own version. __________________!!!!!

Anyway, all this was just to tell you guys that I have approved the paperback proof of Moon-Swell. Here is where you can buy it for $8.99:

Createspace and Amazon

That is all for now. Fingers crossed I have my laptop back soon and can work and communicate like a normal person and not an Apple junkie, who tries to do complex or involved things on an impractical electronic device!


PS. I will update the Lone March page to consolidate all this information in one place as soon as I get my machine back. I think I already said that. Oh well...

PPS. Hope you guys are enjoying Moon-Swell! Oh who am I kidding? I mean I hope you guys DID enjoy Moon-Swell (because I'm willing to bet you all finished in like a day or something--which is fine; I'm just saying I'm willing to bet on it).

PPPS. Any ideas as to what's coming?

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  1. When will the next one come out???