Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I know you all want to know more about me so...

...just for you I did an interview with The Reading Cafe.  Okay, maybe not just for you guys but I did one nonetheless.  But wait, there's more!  Along with the interview, there's also a giveaway.  I will be giving away signed paperback copies of books 1-4 in the Lone March series to one lucky person!  Who wouldn't want to win such a prize??!  *Ahem*  Excuse me.  The use of the words "lucky" and "prize" are, of course, subjective...

Anyway, if you would like to have the first half of the Lone March story collected in signed paperbacks, you can enter the contest through their website.  You have to be a registered member of The Reading Cafe to enter but they have several ways of doing that, including Twitter and Google.  So the giveaway just started today but it's only running through Saturday, December 1st--as in just a few days from now--so act fast if you want to get in on this action.

Here's a link to the interview:

The Reading Cafe

Information about the giveaway is listed at the bottom of the page, after the interview.

Okay, sorry to be all business today but I gotta get back to work--Book Six is really cookin' over here!


PS. I almost forgot!  TRC also reviewed my series and even though you've all probably read the books, I wanted to link to the reviews as well.

LM Series Reviews

PPS. The reviewer had some issues with March's sexual awakening and how she handles her hormone issues.  They were interesting thoughts and honestly, I feel the same way.  I definitely set out to put March in some uncomfortable and inappropriate situations because she's the last female of her kind and also because being a were-wolf means rage and sexual aggression and pretty much all kinds of negative human emotions amped up to eleven.  So, if you guys read it, I'd like to know how you feel about these issues.  Drop a line below, if you are so inclined.


  1. I got done with the book about a book about a week ago and i think you did a fabulous job on it. Ive read alot of books that deal with werewolfs but the way you wrote theis book i believe is one of my favorite series. It ended with such a epic ending i cant wait till the next book comes out. Are u currently working on the next book the the lone march series?

  2. Thanks so much--that's very nice of you to say! I am currently working on Lone March #6. Book 5, Moon-Tide, will be out late this coming spring. I can't wait to share the next chapter of March's story with everyone!