Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Excerpt from Moon-Burn, anyone?

Was gonna make you fellas wait till tomorrow for this, but I'm in a giving mood, so why not?  The following is an itty bitty excerpt from the upcoming Moon-Burn (Lone March, #3).  This is one of my favorite moments of the whole book.  Might actually be my favorite.

He laid his arm across the back of the bench, not hugging me back, and said, “I’m glad I could help.”
“You always help,” I said, looking up at him.
His eyes reflected uncertainty and hesitation.  And then he said, “I think we could both benefit from some sleep.”
I didn’t know why, but I reached up and straightened his crooked bowtie as I asked, “How was the opera?” in a teasing tone.
He caught my wrist in his hand and brought it away from his tie.  “Go to bed, March,” he said quietly.
      The small smile I’d had faded quickly and I slid my arm away from hugging him and stood awkwardly up and exited the room.

So there you have it.  What do you think?  It may seem really random to you guys and not what you were expecting for an excerpt, but it truly is my favorite little moment, so there was no question it would be the first teaser.  I guess you'll have a better understanding as to why it's my favorite once you've read the whole book.  Just so's ya know, the use of pronouns in place of his name is on purpose, because I'm not going to come right out and tell you who March is talking to, though some of you can probably guess.  Feel free to read into it as much as you like.

As stated previously, there will be more things to come, so stay tuned!


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