Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love New Music Day!

Hey, lovelies!

Just thought I'd share some awesome news: Eisley's new EP came out today!   Here's what it looks like:

You can get it on itunes for $5.00 so you should go on itunes now and buy it for $5.00 :D  It has 5 songs, 4 new and 1 that was actually on the "Fire Kite" EP, but it was a scratch track back then that Sherri had done on garage band.  The new version has been studio-produced and is quite lovely.  I'm telling you guys, I'm really digging this EP.  I was on the fence at first, because I tend to be wary with new music from my favorite bands, being that I hold them to my ridiculous standards of nostalgia for eras long past.  But "Deep Space" is good.  If you're an old-school Eisley fan, who's been around since the beginning, you will know what I'm talking about.  These new songs feel very old-school Eisley, both instrumentally and lyrically.  This makes me extra excited about the new album due out later this year.

And while we're on new albums, let's not forget Stacy's solo album, coming out April 10th (woohoo!).  When I say solo, I mean separate from Eisley (though she's still very much in Eisley) but not actually solo.  It's a collaborative effort with her husband, Darren King (Mute Math drummer) and Jeremy Larson.  They're called Sucré.

Here's the first single, for those who haven't heard it yet:

I love this song--it was exactly what I was expecting, everything I was hoping for in a Stacy solo project.  Cannot wait for the album!!

Anyway, just wanted to plug their new stuff.  I'm off now!


PS. If you've never heard Eisley's music, or perhaps don't remember hearing the band's name at all, I will jog your memory...they are mentioned in both Moon-Linked and Moon-Ache, as March's favorite band.  Coincidence?  Probably not...

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